Self Healing the Immense Hidden Potential

What I call the Flu Soap Opera triggered a thought about Immunity. Wearing a mask on the mouth in public areas makes me wonder whether the goal is prevention from getting infected or prevention to infect someone. Either ways aren't an expression of a same attitude towards a dis-ease but both still express a dis-confort towards immunity. Once you focus on being Immune and generate self-healing you just get healed and stay immune. Our body has its own potential for self-healing. Activate it! It's there laying inside the particules of the body. Declare it! Be affirmative about wanting to be and stay healthy and stress-free. Dis-ease cannot live in a body that is emotionally healthy. Reiki being a about activating self-healing automatically generates self-healing process from within. The state induced by a reiki treatment is calmness and relaxation, stress gets out and healing can start. Inside the body is the seed for healing. Immnunity remains stable on a body is fully healed. Laughter is healing inducive. Remeber Robin Williams experiments in bringing helaing to hospital? Viruses can pass and leave many untouched. The healing journey starts one day, relase the need to control the timeframe and let it happen. It will happen. Guaranteed. Stay Happy, keep smiling. Attract abundant healing and healing will beautifully inhabit you. Get your reiki (self)treatment today! Stay happy,keep smiling. Keep moving and connecting. Vibrant stillness. Abundant emptiness! Love and Happiness. Smile and Passion.