Reiki World Peace Meditation

World Peace Meditation (click on the title to download the cards) creates a powerful healing wave around the planet. The schedule of 7.30pm anywhere you are located on Earth makes the wave continuous for 24 hours starting in the Pacific and roaming anti-clockwise to reach back the Pacific 24 hours later. This is great and joining in will make you an agent of change, rather than just an observer. Take that jump!

On a similar note this reminds me of an anecdote of many years back when living in the Southern Pacific and traveling once from Fiji to the Cook Islands, I asked the smiling flight attendant our location with regard to the dateline and he said 'Oh we just passed it 10 minutes ago did you feel the little hump'! Well in the Pacific you get this feeling of really turning around in time and space. Travelling back and forth on each side of the dateline is real fun for the mind. Leave Suva/Fiji on Saturday morning and you land in Apia/Samoa 3 hours later on Friday afternoon! It takes you 2 days to get back. We all always enjoyed it!

Now play with this feeling as imagine you sending healing waves, nice embracing healing waves around the Earth. Print the cards and hold them in your hands, or if you know how to do it, visualise them embracing the Planet Earth. Sit down in your most comfortable position, relax, calm your breath and bring it down to a simple in and out breath. Visualise bright light In and inundating your being, exhale the cleaned breath. (Japanese Golden Ki Flow). Continue smoothly and lovingly. Visualise the Earth in front of you and sending waves of bright light to it turning around anti-clockwise. If you are a Reiki I level practitioner and you don't know how to do absent healing this exercise will bring you closer to learning distant healing. At all other levels II,III and IV just practice your tools as you know them Give it a try and let it go. Fly. See you there...