Quantum Universe

There is no past, no present, no future, for even time itself is an illusion and by a single clap of the hand, it too can be returned to the void, the one experience, the timeless reality which is the mind of the Buddha - Mikao Usui.

Intelligent field we are living in! No time delays. It all happens simultaneously. Today it happened to me in 2 occasions! Burst of joy, it was just amazing. I love you dear. Keep moving stay connected. Like electricity. How many millions use electricty every instant... still just a bunch actually knows how it works. Do you believe electricity works? No! Of course you don't believe it works. It is working, no need to believe. Still, knowing how to use electricity is rather simple eh! SO does absent healing, works. No need to believe. This plane that plane is the same, Every inch of us is connected to the rest. Like electricity we carry information from one space and time and dimension to another. In one instant. Simultenously, the void. Power cut. Oh my! Well then, I switch on the natural radar, until next. Salaam.