The Quantum Universe (2)

Fantastic events utilise hidden laws of nature. By choice. Not by chance. I recall the Western Hemisphere's Wisdom Channel. The logo was just about about the law of co-creation. Co-create your world. Fantastic events do not break the laws of nature, they actually are based on them. We tend to think that challenges are normal and even necessary. No pain, no gain. Yes a fair amount of difficulties will help. Saturn, the great architect (ruler of capricorn and now has tolive with destructive de-rooting pluto)at work has an array of challenges for us. While Jupiter (the connector) jumps here and there in search for harmony and joining hands. It is Ok to move beyond pains. It is Ok to ask the Wisdom of Uncertainty to lay it all for us. The Wisdom of Uncertainty is the intelligence [the response]of the energy field [the universe]. I passionately love the Wisdom of Uncertainty. As much as I passionately love to live. As much as I love to teach reiki. The crazy traveler was pursuing a dream and the manifestation of it is here and now. Other people's questions would indicate some kind of abnormality: when are you coming back (back where?), when are going to stop (stop what?). I knew somehow my integrity lies in how I am operating. Not only in what I operating for. Reiki at work is Wisdom of Uncertainty. While I look at a buddha statue purchased on a street stall in then calm and silent rickshaw-ed populated Chang Mai (Thailand) in 1982 (year 2525 of the buddhist calendar) I saw a beam. The statue has accompanied since then. In and out of storage. True to myself as I must have nurtured a dream of living in Thailand, I must have thought something that day. I kept coming back once in a while almost consciously with a sense that it would be the last time and made the same offerings to a few same temples. I must have worked on it so well, I forgot about it, held the map of the world in my hands, from West Africa to the Southern Pacific, West Indies, Arab States, South and South East Asia. To arrive here. Today, Now. As a reiki practioner of 10 years. July 2008 passionately involved in my beloved job and searching for a million dollars in partnerships for my project in a war zone country I passed through Bangkok went to the temple and just asked for easying things up a bit. I want to live in a buddhist country was my query. Upon return my project encountered heavy challenges, worsening war situaton in the country and I asked reiki intelligence for some professional luck. Sharing views with a colleague we both agreed [hoped] that if something happened we should all go to Bkk. Eleven days after a huge explosion took us out of the country in 6 weeks time and here I was in Bkk with my daughter, a container of furniture, a left over of a diplomat job, open doors to opportunities, my reiki practice and loads of uncertainties! It took me 4 months to align, to stand head up certify my status as Reiki Master Teacher and just start over again. No questions get unanswered. No exceptions. Be careful what you wish for. You might well get it! It may not be the shape of the form or the whatever your expected but it will come that is for sure. So here is my query, Can we revive Wisdom Channel!

My hands are tingling, my mind is focused. Someone asking for reiki?! Somewhere?! Most of the time this is how it starts. Then there are these calls where hands are tingling even more. The quantum universe is calling me. Absorb me! Take me there. Let me see the smile. For real.