The Quantum of Feelings and Emotions

Two issues are being raised.
Create your own reality you are satisfied, happy and confortable with,
establish and maintain high vibrational energy levels although surrounded by negative forces.

Establish your priorites, set the plan [ask], listen to your inner voice, go for it, detach from the outcome. Just plainly Live.

Once you experience Reiki whether through absent or hands-on treatments, the connection of your etherical body to the Universe is been established. From now on, whether you believe it or not, whether you focus on it or not, the energy is at work within you.

There are around so many mis-matching relationships. those who accept being undermined, those who believe it is Ok [consciously or not that been harassed is ok, those who want to be together and keep being separated, those who want to be separated and stay together, those where ....

When you ask questions for which you know the answer, you've done your job. You've asked. Now focus on the answer not the questions anymore. How do you create good emotions and feelings. How do you create your own reality where you feel good, no matter what happens around? Many relations we establish in our reality are just mismatching, while we actually have the whole potential to make them match.

And now sit back and relax...The ultimate issues is there are no issues. We all face a common destiny.. leave this plane and hop hop been absorbed by the higher plane. So you better make it the way you want.

Someone once asked me but then poor did ask for being poor. There is nothing wrong in being poor. What is wrong or unfair is the gap between rich and poor, for a purpose. When the gap becomes an issue and those who have and have nots are in conflict for access to basic services then there is an issue. In the US many live with 1 US a day many live with 100,00 US a day. Like anywhere else. The prospect of being poor, sick, discriminated against, most likely female, and blind isn't a good one anywhere in the world. Moreover, rich and poor, sick and healthy, brave and weak, the haves and the have nots have always existed. The issue is not to create or deny them an existence. Having worked in so-called poor countries since 1992 i can say poverty is not the issue. The issue is access to basic services: health, dignity, education and well being, the rest is valued in comparison to growth standards. If poverty was the real issue then there would be no poverty anymore in the world. A rich is rich because some are un-rich. Aborigenes of Ayers Rock became an issue for their territory because an issue for growth and or for human rights activists. Darfur is an issue because it is incomparably rich of resources. Not because of a sudden compassionate human rights feeling The richness of Darfur soil whih generates conflit is the issue for which people are dying everyday before that no issues at all. Our job is not to fight for issues, Our job is to stop fighting. In our lifes, in our offices, in our homes and match the heart with the actions. The law of karma will catch you up anyway. CALLED IT THE way you want. It is there at every corner.

When you get to Reiki II level - Oku Den - you can send healing to the past and most students ask wondering how they can actually revive that relationship which sunk like the Titanic, slowly but steadily. You may not be able to revive it. The issue is not to bring the past into the present or the future. The issue is to live the present into the future and even better live the future already so you are ready for it and can move on. This is the secret for which Reiki will bring you to face at second level. You set the roadmap backward or forward. You still are in the present. At every minute you can change anything. Perspective shift. Suddenly you can change the view on the past. and therefore you healed the past. but don't leave any drop of it because the law of quantum feeling will atch up back in. Your brain hasn't forgotten how your behavioural pattern was built and you can still revive old patterns if you wish. You see the important thing is you are the master of your own life. No-one can do it for you. If you want to believe someone up there has strings for you then please tell the person the main lines of the script. Most of the time, you remain alone with your own life and those who are near you , all these attachments we learn to build for the purpose of .... [...] are just entertainment for the left brain. Love , liquid love is the currency the rest is just optional....Love you all immensely