Modalities for Alignment

The modalities of the alignment between inner and outer purpose of being on earth, are, acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm and integrity. According to Eckart Tolle the three first are paramount. I have added integrity. It is the most beautiful reward of all to live with integrity and one after another unfold enjoyment, acceptance, enthusiasm. Tolle speaks of acceptance [let it go] enjoyment [like it or don't engage in it] and enthusiasm [re-create the conditions of happiness] as modalities for an awakened state creating expansion and positive change. Integrity is the key to humility, honesty, loving kindness. Integrity is karma. This is why it is fundamental. Enjoyment, acceptance, and enthusiasm are patterns of life in a form and time dimensions. Integrity is a pattern to space. Integrity is one of the principle of Reiki. It is often said the Reiki Usui System of Natural healing or simply Reiki practice is a system with integrity. You cannot go wrong. With Reiki and with energy. It is operating on integrity basis. It will bring back what you asked for through intent. As it is assumed that intent is positive and neutral it will only do good and healing will occur. If intent isn't good, nothing will happen at all that your ego can see. Something will happen to the person or situation that your ego does not want to see or hear. Still it is only once you remove all the layers of ego that you will see the integrity at work.

So back to square one, to live happy remove ego. Live in integrity remove ego. Accept and enjoy and be enthusiastic remove ego so you set open to have a good rewarding conversation with the Universe.