2011 - The Age of Pisces

5 April 2011 will see the end of the Age of Acquarius with neptune shifting into Pisces leaving the sign of Acquarius. The entry of Neptune in its own master sign willbring quite a few changes on the heels of the passage of Neptune in acquarius for the past 15 to 16 years. The Age of Acquarius is driven by Neptune passage in the sign of Acquarius for the past 15 years which also coincided with Pluto in Sagitarius. This brought, human rights, Internet, new age, new religions, Reiki, quantum, and new ways to communicate. It also brought new fights… change of values and increase power of religious values as territorialities.When Neptune will enter Pisces a phenomena which happens every 256 years Neptune enters it is own house, its master sign. and thus will give impetus to the values of pisces. Namely selflessness, compassion (and not pity) new togetherness and the same. New togetherness, new ways to be together. new ways to act collectively. New intuitions. New holistic initiatives. New Order. But Pisces is not about Saturnian order (Capricorn) like real estates, stocks, cartels and monopolies. Pisces order is about being together, feelings things, doing them with the heart and simply. Pisces are souls from the past. You can read about Pisces already. Acquarius is rational, detached, independent, looner also, but rule by Uranus so also very unpredictable, fast, sharp, on top of things. Obama ascendent is Acquarius see how he talks. Deep and detached at the same time, Friendly and opened and still very sharp and straightforward. Acquarius understand, translate and dispatch messages fast. Pisces admire Acquarius because they are so close and yet Pisces are more inward looking and translate slowler with a deeep sense that the world is going too fast. But Pisces arent asleep. They just are very open to the conscioussness of others. Healers are often Pisces, but not all Pisces are healers. Some are artists. Pisces are NOT the hospital of the astrology as one can often read. Pisces are NOT undecided persons either. Pisces are dolphins! Pisces is interested in your aura. Very rarely Pisces will judge someone. But they can detach and isolate. Pisces now, should learn from Neptune in Acquarius before it leaves, how to stay out there. Out to 'market themselves" But maybe the rules of the market will change and Pisces will lead...

I wrote this note some time ago. I'll repost it here.

Someone recently told me:You are a Pisces. It is said from now on listen and follow the Pisces...they are bringing the message of the future solutions to greed and painful transformation. And you are a Reiki Master: what a powerful combination. Then I found this and since I read charts also I found some interesting materials which also assit in reading the amount of information on December 2012.

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 for 16 years will drag out into the open the mysteries around our deep past. Pluto is a transformational force acting on physical level there will be shifting in traditional structures, earthquakes, and the begining the the cycle and its evolution...Lord of the Underworld - will destroy the corrupt roots of our society. It is going to be painful but it is a ncessary transformation to open on a new world. Capricorn vibrations of structures will be dismantled. Further changes in climate. Rocky formations will move, the bones under our feet will be start speaking to us...Tectonic plates shifting, flooding and reforming of the crust of the globe. Radical changes in way societies are run. Some cultures could become extinct including animals and plants life. Genetic mutations and we become more aware of them. Reveal ancient past codes buried and re-birth.(BBC had a quick strip line the other day 6/07/09 on an ancient code of the Bible being revived, did you see it? of course it wouldn't be advertised) What is writen in stones and programmed in our DNA will emerge into mass conscioussness. There are strong indications that Neptune and Uranus will also change the way we live. At the time Neptune enters Pisces, Uranus will jsut have started its cycle into Aries and the alignment between Neptune, Uranus and Pluto will bring , hum, lots of things. Neptune is a good planet. Pluto is de-rooting, Uranus brings sudden changes but also scientific research enhanced ways to deal with reality. Uranus is fast. Stays in a sign for up to 7 years. Neptune and Pluto will dance together for 17 years so destruction on the one hands ( destruction of saturn certainties) and Neptune will bring emergency of other values. Maybe astral travel, in time and telepathy will be more common. Move through space also. Harry Potter things become more common and usual. Conscious of time changing also. Beyond everyday kind of mind. Some cultures will disappear and this includes plants and animals. (The National geographic had an insert recently about 50% of the population of the bees to disappear by 2013)

Short -term: services, water and electricty and transportation will become problems. Som say you will know about the closeness of 2012 when planes will start falling off, apparently with no reasons. there always is areason and sometimes it is not good to say. Change in magnetism is a big talk these days.

We human species in infinitely adaptable species, will find new solutions. Uranus in Aries (2011 for 8 years): explosion in technologies. Will help find solutions. new beginning and explosion in sciences...Neptune in Pisces from 2011 after more than 250 years: re-connection with our inner-selve and higher selve with compassionate attitude. We will work on our intuition more. There wil be struggles because of the opportunism of some. While compassion and unconditional love is selfless. In the midst of eveything else happening is going to give a more rosy side to the events.

Listen to Pisces they carry the message of the future. It will be wise to take messages. Some through people, others will manifest through own intuition.
See Socail networking sites are more than mere new emailing portals. SO many open messages there with Higher dimension energies already at work to ask people to raise their vibrations!!Pisces this is Pisces influence already. Pisces will hep you goign through the motions.
Many will have to be forced to change.
Others will open to new consciousness and bring solutions.
Contacts with outer world will also increase after the age of acquarius will pass.
There will be a need for new humanitarian agents, doctors wil behealers, holistic doctors, artists wil bring new messages, new holistic ventures. Spa will become holistic centers, Green zones as healing zones and so many more things in the process of becoming.

Remember also that countries do have an astrological sign usually calculated with their Constitution day or date of creation (ie. Timor Leste 20/05/2000, France 14/07/1789, USA 4th July etc)

Listen to our children. They may not be indigo they will be fluorite bringing the deep messages of the Atlantis to the top of the world.