You've Got the Power

Within Reiki there are many insights one can gradually learn, develop, enhance and master depending where the individual stands in his or her path (beginner, practitioner, advanced, master). One key insight is about how to master the mind and at the same time letting it go? Dilemma? Not at all! Very simple equation: Thoughts + Detachment from the outcome + Positive Thinking/Intention = Conditions for Creative Tomorrow. It is said that about 50,000 thoughts pass through the mind every day. Do you remember what you were thinking two days ago at the same time? Most likely no unless it is about a routine practice. There is so much going on in there that 1) we don't use it fully; 2) traffic jam in there is massive.

To create new tomorrows, mastering the mind is important. Its not just about positive thinking. That would be to simple. I think positive, I make millions with cheap and underpaid child labour... That is not what we talk about. Here it is about positive thinking to make the wheel of karma turn nicely, positively. Karma means movement. It isn't about destiny or fate. Rather it is an action-oriented wheel turning within one's life. It is about actions originated in thoughts with good intentions expressed with good words. Now mastering the Actions and the Heart at the same time while eliminating anger, greed, violence and negativity will generate good forward-looking karma which will translate into getting what you want.

I recently found this nice analogy which I am sharing about Karma, good actions and mastering the mind.

Decide you want to be a gardener. The recurrence of the thought creates good emotions and you will start thinking on how to do it, which shape, which plants, etc... Next step you start acting. Select the seeds,prepare the grounds etc..When all is ready and planted, and the ground well fed, you could sit down and watch it grow. Monitoring growth. Monitoring is about, checking regulalry that something is happening from an alert obsrvatory position. Not from the agent positions. That was done already at the earlier stage. Similarly manifesting impatience and greed, re-digging the soil, constantly, turning it all over and so forth. Well, you may be a good gardener, but attachment to the outcome will end up spoiling the seeds which may never grow beautifully. You basically have sabotaged the whole outcome and the result which is the garden is only half nice. If ever.

Fear of not succeeding or anger of waiting, or impatience for the outcome, expectations about the results, is sabotage of the seeds of life. We all know weeds aren't that necessary so why plant them? Same here. A good gardener will make sure to keep weeds away from the start and the project will flourish. Weeds manifest as anger, fear, impatience, greed, violence, and also self-denial. So be good. Get the project into motion. Detach from the outcome and let it live its own pace. It will happen. The result may even be better than planned. Let the course happen. And in the meantime you can move on... do other gardens, and even plan National Parks. If it doesn't happen or if something goes wrong, you re-main the co-creator of your project and you Life Project is much broader than a garden isn't it. It is always for the highest best. Provided there is no Harm Your Life is Yours and You Can Do What you Want With It. Look at the big picture.

See the Planet. We have done so much harm in such a small period of time of existence. Let's say 250 years (Did you watch HOME, the movie The Planet Earth Our Home? You must, find it on YouTube) that now we will have to change the way we think and act to preserve what's left and do well with the new. It will happen.

A Reiki Master of mine amongst many others kept repeating, Reiki, Universal Life Force energy and how to use it for change will soon be in great demand. Watch it happening.