Ten Tips for enhancing your Home Energy

1- Give Reiki to your plants, objects you care, and what ever you feel may require it (or even request it)

2- Put a small container with salt in a corner or invisible location in the rooms. It will clean up the air, (even rarify mosquitoes) (Remember the old tale of the XIXth Almanac: a bit of salt in a room, will make spring cleaning for you and keep away ghosts)

3-Clear Quartz Crystal clusters in rooms where there is lot's of passage, PC, electronics, and other digital devices will absorb negative energies and enlighten the atmosphere, plus they are beautiful

4- Amethysts Clusters or unpolished stones are energy cleaner of all if you can invest in a large cluster then your home will be clean of negative frequencies;

5- A piece of rose quartz, turquoise and lapis lazuli, will send harmonious and loving vibrations in the atmosphere of your home

6- Blue lace Agathe (very common in Home Dcoration shops) will support peaceful environment

7- Your home is also your business base then have a good size of Citrine nearby your business spot ( PC or else). Citrine is called the 'Merchants Stone' and has reputation to protect and make business prosper.

8- Black Tourmaline will as clear quartz transform engativity into positive energies. Make a shield for your home ( and yourself)

9 - A large piece of calcite ( green, blue, yellow or white) will clear up dusty places, enlighten dark corners, and eventually pace down the overall atmosphere

10 - Have a fresh water Feng Shui fountain will crystals of your choice in a heavy passage area of the house (stairs, hallways, etc) it will clean up the vibes for you.

More on crystals if you wish next time....