Reiki & the Planet

How can Reiki help save the planet. If earth temprature is to rise of 12 degree in the next 100 years, there is a lot we can do. We may not prevent all glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise, as we may not be able to present natural disasters to happen but we can mitigate, reduce impact of all of the above. How? and How can Reiki help. Changing lifestyles. Practtically, consciously and effectively. For some this requires a radical 80 degrees change and may even not be ready to do the change. For others, it may just be a smooth continuation of an ongoing change. Years ago a handful would live on organic cultivation, now, whether fashionable or just part of a new consciousness many more are joining, this includes transportation, light bulbs, the fuel, the appliances and so on. Consumptions patterns are changing. The crisis helps and is part of a required change in a greedy world. How can Reiki practice help:
- distance healing to the planet using Level II techniques
- foster an effective full-bodied connection with the natural elements and maintain reciprocity, one does not have to go back to caves and or become a yogi to do so; it just takes a bit of inner conscious to select the actions we do and their impact on our fragile balance, change is possible;
- self-treatments and Reiki II and III also open to Oneness and personal purification. these are simple but powerful techniques to re-establish balances and even go deeper into the realms of harmony.
- Use Reiki to understand and stretch the limits of our bodies: Air Con and heater affect the earth, watch out when we actually needed or not and allow Reiki to fill the gaps. It will lower the heart pulse, hence cool off, and or make the blood circulate better hence preventing cold.
- use Reiki to reflect on which type of chemicals to use for cleaning, washing, producing clothing and the same, and how we dispose of dump waters.

Nothing exists outside our own creation. It all generates from the inside what we do and not do, what we allow to happen or not. Positive forces on their way can do a lot. Reiki practitioners are good-intended people. They can help change from within and the outside.