Reiki and Humanitarian Action - Partners in Action

'Reiki in Action' stems from the urgent need for humanitarian values to be in the mainstream of new beginnings unfolding in our realities. The same old way is fading out. It has to. Transformation processes involve de-rooting, clearing the way and re-planting. Healing is similar to un-learning and re-learning new ways, uncovering the in-between the lines of patterns fo thinking and acting. Those who ever stopped smoking know exactly what happens when the urge for a cigarette is being blocked.... this is the in-between the lines where Reiki would fit in sharply to restore healthy conditions. Healing at work to fill the gaps. That is possible with Reiki.

Humanitarian workers, in the field, witness the basic needs in demands by millions, know exacty what it is about to be constantly faced with desperation. The good heart is not sufficient. Compassion is a seed but being a 'humanitarian worker' as much as being a healer, can drain. Humanitarian work will not cease to be required and Reiki can help the work of those who work in the field by alleviating the stress incurred by operating in difficult environments.

'Reiki In Action' is looking for 'Partners In Action' to give away portions of donations to humanitarian projects in the field.

With gratitude we offer a package of 5 continuous days of Absent Healing Treatments & Healing Attunements for your smallest donations to 'Reiki In Action'. Provided name, location of the recipient is made known to me by email - Please do not post name and locations online.

'Reiki In Action' is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and follows the World Peace Projects of the International Centre of Reiki Training