Meridians and Energy

Just a quick note and re-phrasing my explanation regarding the connection between the meridians, the energy flow in the body and how Reiki works. The analogy I often use with acupuncture is simplifying. It is a 'short-cut version of a long explanation' which I should not do anymore. Promised. Yes there are meridians in the body and yes acupuncture uses them and they are key to understading basic flow of energy and holistic therapies based on hands-on techniques. Yes reiki uses only hands, and yes Reiki is based on energy flowing, as much as it uses the main channels of enrgy /meridians od the body. But contrary to other techniques it does not direct the energy. That will travel its journey its own way. I can decide hands are needed on the stomach, but I cannot direct the flow of energy and evenif i put hands on the stomach it will travel until re-establishes balance in the body where it is needed.