Intention does it all... and it is okay to ask or not...

Intention does it all... This however does not equate to directing the energy. The intention does the work for you but Reiki (energy) will direct itself where it is most needed. Headaches. we all have had headaches. Primary reaction wold be to put hands onthe head. Second thought could be, I have recurrent headaches because I ... (state whatever i.e. eat chocolate) so maybe the hands ont he liver would help. In the case of self-treatment intentin is obviously easier to manage. Although when it comes to hidden facets of cause and effects we may not have clues but that is a nother debate. On giving treatment to other persons, there are 2 types of intention:

1) synchronicity: the person is looking for a treatment and chose Reiki as healing method; you as a healer come into picture. The person had intention to heal. The door is already open. Healing will start. It may take the time necessary for it and maybe evne unfold the unexpected. Healing is process healing is not a one quick fix.

2) healing: The healer give a treaments knowing maybe little details of the persons history and ailments. The intention is to heal. To help the person resource its energy level. Be there. Listen and or talk will depend onthe situation, the healing, the person and the conditions.

Treaments and in particular absent healing provides good evidence of this. A healer is a person with heightened intuition and situations may arise where there is a strong call to give a treament (absent healing included) to some persons or situations. and it feels as though the energy carries us away from the protocol of asking permission for healing. Permission can be asked in some cases it is okay to go ahead without asking. The synchronicity will work it out by itself. Detach from the outcome....

Believe in yourself. Would you ask permission to the person you are about to call to ask if you can call? You will find out when you call and/or use your common sense and discretion to call or not.

Believe energy works. Because it works. I want to pass by a friend of mine and say hello. I am actually nearby her house. I keep thinking I did not announce myself. Maybe she is busy and she ain't the kind of person who seems to like to be disturbed unexpectedly. No matter how friends you are, privacy remains high. But I realise my feet take me there. Suddenly in my mind pops the thought well she may actually say " Nice to see you i was just thinking of you this morning'

Let it be.