Are we all magnets?

I was watching the Clip ' The Secret" and wondered as to how we could explain to Reiki I students that all we attract is what we want to attract into our life. Including death. Let me rephrase it. In life there is one certainty only Agreed? we are going to dye, pass away. All the rest is entertainment for the left brain. Yes? What we do with our life, the people and situations we attract in it, even the fact you adjust yourself to Reiki and callthe master without actually picking up the phone. It just works also. We forget one important factor and listening to our children can help us much more than we actually do: our intuition (and please not only the female-stereotyped way of thinking ... men have intuitions also) is our guide. Some would call it heart (and even be ready to die for, but that another topic) some (new aged breed) intuition, vision. Listen to it. Allow yourself to say, No I can't do this. We live in a superpower dynamics. We stretch our limits to proof we can make it, then we resort to stress, flagrant mis-matching relationships, and pain. and we start all over. Attract what you want to attract and leave the outcome to the Universe. Focus on other perceptions. For those who have children: as soon as they start asking why? remind yourself, always to give an anser that makes sense, that is true and that will help them grow because it is going to come to you in unexpected ways. My daughter is 6 and and half years old. She has now been attuned to Reiki I after seeing me so many times giving treatments or even attuning some persons. Now she says give Reiki to all even the windows so Monster won't come.... and she will be 8 when Neptune will enter Pisces in 2011, I bet she is ready for a big leap forward in other consciousness.