Distant Healings and Healing Attunements

Reiki has a two main levels of treatments. Hands-on treatments which last about 1hr and bit more and distant treatments aka Absent Healing which is a method of sending healing energy to a person, a group or a situation.

Healing Attunements are meant to energise a treatments and can be given prior to a full treatments in this case the treament is longer up to 1hr and 30 minutes or separately as a primary healing treatment, followed possibly by a hands-on treatment but not necessarily. healing Attunments can alsobe given with the absent healing method.

Everything is up to the person and the situation. Intuition and requirements. Severe conditions such as wounds, cancer, surgeries or severe mental distress may require Healing Attunements and several hands-on treatments , which can also be given by absent healing.

Importantly, Reiki will work fine. Once connection is established, the flows follows its course. Some individual require only 1 treatments, some more. Reiki work a bit in a similar manner to acunpuncture. One treatment maybe sufficient or not. It all depends on what it is to be treated.

Once you are ready you can contact me and I can send Absent healing for yourself or may person who may request it. Use you own judgement. Importantly Reiki can't hurt. It is all positive energy, full bright Life Energy Force which will suit any needs and fill any inch of what the body requires. It will go in between the lines of what we think is important for us.

You can request an absent healing to me for yourself or for a person or situation you wish. I can send absent healing and healing attunement for any specific conditions. Mind you that the result of a treatment maybe not what you expect. As well as the person or the feedback could be that the person does not want healing. This is up to the situation to tell us.

It happens also that we request absent healing for a situation that is complicated and we ask to resolve it. Intuition will work and feedback will help direct decisions.

In absent healing I have treated few different conditions as I also did in Hands-on treatments.
I sent Absent healing to a friend of mine who was undergoing radiation sessions and had become wary of going into a hospital. She started to feel the heat of the treatment at the exact time I had actually started to send the absent healing. and thereafter told me the doctors released her even faster from the hospital with a significant decrease in the condition.

Then there are cases of Hands-on treatments which are enlightening. Like the one I experienced yeasr back with this man in his 80's who was suffering from terminal stage of prostate cancer. He was long, skinny and his facies showed he must have been a very handsome West Indian man. But here he was, spending his life laying down in pain. His daughter asked hands-on treatment for him to relieve the physical pain. I remember giving treatments twice a week for 3 weeks. At the end of the treatment he would claim ' I want to smoke a sigarette" and I would say No! I would call the nurse and tell her while leaving, he always wants a sigarette. I told him No. And she replied that this was his only pleasure in life. That is not what is going to kill him! She was so right. The treatment relieved him from the physical pain enough to make him sit down by the luscious garden smoking his nicotine.. Why would I take away this last pleasure out of him. When the man passed away eventually, he did so with less pain and lighter. Reiki put a smile on his face. And I felt I did something good.

Absent healing is potent. Once the person accepts it, it goes straight to the problem.

Try it and you will tell me.