A bit more about Reiki and me...

Back in September 1999 I undertook Shoden- First Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing. It changed my life completely. Not in a practical sense,rather in a very subtel way, layers by layers over time, over the years. It is when I undertook Okuden - Second Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing in January 2000 that these layers started to unfold one after the one.
The vibrant and enlightened attitude of my master Winthrop Wiltshire will continue to be with me forever. Laugh and smile is the best cure. Let miracels happen by opening yourself to the magical Universe’s gift. If the gift is a bitter pilla, that is still a gift. Learn about it. Move on. It opens the doors for immense gratitude and compassion for being a member of this Universe. After 6 years of committed regular practice, self-healing and others I started to search for enhanced learning. I was living in a country where nothing much was available on this topic. A conflict zone where little to nothing had to do with learning from Reiki Masters. At least noone was there to do so. I knew I had reached a point of no-return: go farther, deeper, beautifully lighter yet knowledgeable of manytimes fold Reiki mysteries.
One Master from a Japanese/Western Tradition taught me back the meaning of meditation and how at its roots, Reiki is culturally very close to what we, in the West, imagine is the atmosphere in a Zen Dojo. And it is. Vibrant stillness, Abundant Emptiness. It comes from Japan so it must have some connection to Zen. At least for me that was I was meant to see in Reiki.
It is 2 years later while unavoidable circumstances made me land in a city where the search of Mastership would be concluded. It is with my encounter with Reiki Master - Teacher, Helen Jandamit in Bangkok that the purpose of me being here, right now came to light. I also knew, I was there to stay with my practice. It will never leave me. It had grown with me and had taught me lessons of life that are beyond words.
Helen is a Master of Vipassana Meditation, a former ordained nun from the Korean Zen Rim Society for 11 years. A woman of compassion who practices the Dharma with a deep sense that the Four Noble Truths are reality outside the comfort zone of a Monastery. As a Traditional Reiki Master - Teacher I combine 2 lineages - US Alliance - and William Rand - who further studied the System of Reiki Natural Healing. William Rand Reiki Practice shows that it is possible in Western ways to become Masters of an Eastern tradition. It takes efforts, intentions, and steep learning. It is possible. Reiki is neutral. Is not rooted in dogmatism. Is freedom packaged in a compasionate way. Some would argue over the years of its evolution Reiki has touched upon too many traditions as has been diluted or has become a new age tool. Although some criticism may be well pointed, many other ways of thiking, philosophies, concepts also have evolved. Including religions. There are many path to religious practices, political activism, health-related services. It isn’t obviously Reiki it self which has evolved. It is what people do with it. Anyone of us can name one or more examples. The ethics of Reiki practice are the node.
These ethics are the basics and once these are maintained, everything else is free. Besides the four aspects of healing (Self – treatment, treatments of others, hands positions) the transfer of knowledge, respect for sacred initation, fees for treatments and lineage remain part of the most important ethical aspects of a Reiki Practice.

I was very lucky to have been initiated by Masters who maintained these elements, who respected the Ancients Master tradition but had also evolved themselves. There is no coincidence in meeting certain Masters. There is only synchronicity. You look for me, I loo for you. We meet. Quantum Physics can explain how the random order becomes reality. And miracles do happen. Nothing exists outside our own reality, the way we see and act and inter-act. Oneness is all that exist and Reiki is a tool that allows us to tap into the Oneness and resource the fundamentals of life on this Universe.
When I told my Japanese girlfriend that I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, she knew what I was talking about. Maybe yes Reiki is an aggregator tool. A neutral way of operating in between lines of cultural constraints. Beyond them. Living in Asia is a marvelous experience where everyday life reminds you about the law of cause and effects. The karma and the cycle of life. I lived and worked in 15 countries. I visited 65 countries. My daughter at 6 years of age has also visited about 20 countries and lived in 6 of them. She understand Reiki with no filters. Shes says Mamma give Reiki to the TV it will work better!
I am grateful to all the Masters I have met and those I have not yet met, for being such inspiring guides. Reiki In Action came into being as a result of a combined need for natural healing to be mainstreamed into regular healing practices yet also to be effectively public and contribute to a more humanitarian approach to healing. Reiki Is Action. It keeps moving and connnecting. I do believe and I have collected evidence that Reiki is a potent healing practice and Distant Healings as well as Healing Attunements do create a positive environment for fostering healing. One session may not be sufficient. Reiki Healers do work with a compassionate mind and once the connection is established, energy flows freely, independently.

As I walked through the experience of being a Reiki Practioner for 10 years, I became more convinced that ‘miracles do happen’ we just need to let it happen. Mind blogging circuits are as many filters as counter-products to our own well-being. Our primary state of being is health. We are a member of this Universe for a purpose to do something.

Reiki In Action is a good purpose to get into higher frequencies, connect body and mind, live earth-friendly, human-friendly and humanitarianly.