Trident Wellness Center Dubai Marina

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Since December 2016 I am full time teacher, co-manager of Dubai Marina's Trident Wellness Center.
I regularly teach Vinyasa, Hatha, and all signature Yin and Restorative Classes. 
Looking after the Center's growth and services is my passion.

Available to listen to your feedback and comments, kindly drop me a note whenever you wish to share your thoughts and perceptions on any of our services. 

Namaste, Namaskar, Khuda' Hafiz. 

Beat Seasonal Colds the Yogi Way with Black Seed Oil

How to naturally and effectively beat seasonal colds the yogi way?

Congested nostrils and sinuses, a bit of a sore throat, light headed, not sure what to do or how to beat the symptoms? Here is a natural basic and effective way to decongest


Yin Yoga is Restorative

There is one terminology not acquainted to Yin Yoga  and so often mistakenly closely associated with this slow particular practice of Yoga. This term is "stretching" as in statements such as " yin is long passive stretching",  "do some yin and stretch it out softly" "stretching in yin is safe, go ahead". Here some clarifications and dissociations


Teaching Yoga - Part 2

Few questions are as important as How to create a conducive, safe, and playful environment to bring Yoga practice to an optimal level for everyone?
Teaching and instructing may seems synonymous. Yet they aren't and the compromise for


The Science of Yoga

Has the thought of Yoga as a Science crossed your mind? On a similar note, the answer to the question of whether Yoga starts and ends with Asana may also unfold a box of goodies. Yoga is a 5,000 years old wisdom which was codified in various forms several times since. The modern expression of yoga as seen across Yoga Studios around the world is essentially a combination of physical asana practice, a dash of mantras chanting,


How Immersion is your Foundation - Aadhar at Sooriya Wellness

The popularity of Yoga Teacher Trainings is growing as fast as is the Yoga world of practitioners. One of my teacher even correctly called YTTs " The only training course hardly anyone ever fails" . The other aspect is that not everyone who joins a YTTC actually does it with the intention of teaching, while some discover an inherent passion, other already were teaching before actual graduation. The fact is that yoga is an abundant subject to study,  a pandora's box of complex connections, decipherages accompanied by inner and outer transformation.

Sooriya Wellness &Yoga Center


Rainbow Hug

Kathmandu is a busy valley and streets get slowly populated from 5 am onwards. This is Friday 26/08/2016 (compound number 7) it is 5.55am in the morning. Pedestrians, shopkeepers preparing the day in front of their shops, fast microbuses picking up students and pupils, motorbikes enjoying empty roads, joggers here and there, and a yoga teacher happily walking to teach her first class of the day at Sooriya Wellness & Yoga Center. 


A Learning Environment for Yoga

With yoga being a body and mind practice combined with several layers of spirituality the teaching of yoga becomes a holistic practice with a 3rd and even 4th dimensional planes of existence. These planes open up through the added layers of spirituality involved in a yoga practice. Yoga is the science of improvement of our own being:how much we put in it, reaps rewards, and this very attitude of self-awareness, mindfullness, and exploration of the inter-play of natural forces, bio-energy, mind and body connection, inner-self and the own beliefs distilled with the practice, creates a resonance of long-lasting spiraling wellness.
Teaching yoga is a holistic practice, it makes people move their body, calm their mind, modiy their bio-energy, creates some space for release of blockages and frustrations, clarifies the mind, detoxifies the body in a non-competitive self-awareness context.


Karma Yoga. Steps to Applied Yoga

Yoga philosophy defines Karma Yoga as Yoga of Action or Discipline of the Action and can also be called “the way to achieving perfection in action”. Karma Yoga is an underlying part of the derivatives types of Yoga with a general understanding of Karma and reincarnation. This approach considers the life cycle of past, present and future revolving in circle or better spirals of several lifes unfolding over extended period of times. It is believed that people are born with certain tendencies, both positive and negative, from previous lives and express certain tendencies to perform certain actions in present life.


Dubai Yoga 2.0 - Zoga ! The Studio with a Difference...

Zoga Dubai is a Studio with a difference. It offers Yoga Classes and a lounge bar to unwind or prepare your tune up respectively before or after a class.
We are thrilled to be offering a session at Zoga , Friday 29th January 2016 1.30pm to 4pm. 

Yin Yoga Nidra and why it is important to stop wanting to achieving and just be.

Yin Yoga is a slow passive stretching form of Yoga meeting you half way to  release tensions and soothen the nervous system. Neuroplasticity has it that the brain does understand the word Relax yet the nervous system does not like to unwind, doe snot know how to unwind. It is not its job. At least for the sympathetic nervous system which is always on a fight or flight response. To actually relax there is a need to engage the parasympathetic nervous sytem and that comes up with long slow passive moves. The trigger or bridge between the two? Breathing ! Good breathing !A good breathing pattern is essential to life anyhow. As the Sages say: Long Life comes with less and better breathing patterns.

Yoga Nidra is a Sanskrit word for Yogi Sleep or better Yogi Hypnosis. Sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the focus and usually leave the practitioner grounded with new new energies.

Our practice blends, Yin with pranayama and Yoga Nidra. Why? We have come to observe several forms of yoga classes and noticed the quality of the benefits from most of them. Yin is also often compared to Yang rather than presented as a complet. All together Yin and Yang create a flow. The Tao. The balance between movement and stillness using the breathing brings new kidn of awareness.
This Nidra-shop will integrate aspects of all these forms of Yoga using pranayama as a fluid thread. Here the latest review on our YOGA Trail Profile. reviews

Namaste all ! 


New Year Yoga Blast

We are back in Vang Vieng, for a Fun-day-tion, Yoga Practice. Join us any day between Today 1st January to Saturday 9th January at Silver Naga Hotel, by the river.

AM Practice:  6.45 - 8.45 - Hatha Dynamic
PM Practice:  5.00 - 9.00 - Yin or Restorative

Namaste Everyone !


Yoga & Lifestyle Retreat Laos - Returning January 2016

Laos is still one of Asia's best kept secrets and only 100 km away from the Capital Vientiane lies Vang Vieng, a hub of natural beauties and luscious surroundings.

Come November, the weather is cool and pleasant and the vegetation still holds that luscious green  humid feel it collects during the monsoon season.

This November 2015 we invite you to indulge and take some time off for just 4 days and join us for a Yoga and Well Being retreat at a stunning location:The Elephant Crossing Hotel and The Silver Naga Hotel 
Details of the retreat and Yoga sessions are presented here  On our official Ubuntu 4 Change Facebook page.
  Here some of the sessions that will be offered:
- Traditional Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra (aka as Yogi Sleep)
 -  Nutritional counselling - Lifestyle Coaching  - Natural Healing

 Do contact either one or the other  Hotel and ask for your room ! You will enjoy it to the fullest. January 2016 from 2d to 9th.


Dubai Yoga 2.0

With only three full days available and considering the number of Yoga Studios available in Dubai I made a few choices based on distances, and schedules. For styles of Yoga the options were many  yet once crossed with location and schedule it was necessary to narrow down the choices to Hatha and Yin yoga.I ticked the box for 3 Studios: ZOGA,


Generosity Synchronicity

The Sanskrit word for generosity is Dana. We understand generosity not merely as a gift giving practice rather as a holistic essential art of life. Generous people are often said to be giving to others before giving to themselves,  open to others, listeners, well intentioned and empathic. Yes, generosity is about this. Yet it is much more than that.


Share Your Experience It is Invaluable !

For some reasons I am not quite sure how the pattern was established, writing in public places seems more conducive than just sitting at home in a private space. This started way back while living in Bangkok, the beginning of smart phones, micro PC and tablets. I had decided to write an e-book and share insights on changing times and this tool i had found easier than the nice desktop in my private space at home. Few fellows bloggers and writers met in my wandering nomadic life, experience the same phenomenon. Then this


Heal Your Practice Heal Your Business

What about the common denominators between Life Coaching,  Yoga, Empowerment and Healing ? What type of blend will be generated with regard to transformation, and authenticity? Starting from the perspective that in its physical experience the body is just energy meeting consciousness and expressing itself in physical form, healing is a process of realigning energetic balance within the cellular body. This alignment involves the cellular structure as well as the mental and emotional bodies. Theses bodies, called Koshas according to Indian Darshan tradition are now largely accepted as a frequency or vibration. Studies show that the heart vibrates at a frequency rate reaching up to 3 meters. Consciousness resides in the mind. The mind and its physical corollary the brain are architects of the existence laid out under our steps. There is a little more than this simplified version, just lets keep it this way for our purpose here.


Eleven Recurrences of Eleven

Cluster numbers such as 11:11,  3:3:3 or even number sequences such as 12:13:12: 14.41 and so forth are numerologist golden package. Not only is numerology an ancient technique used to  read in between the lines of events, it also was utilised to decrypt meanings, propensities,


Eleven Reasons to Choose India for a Yoga Teacher Training

India is the birth place of Yoga everyone knows that. Maybe what is less known is that the name "India"  is not the original name of India as a country. The name "India" comes from the name of the river "Indus" this is certain. Yet Indians per se as people of a nation called India did not choose that name for their country. It was given to them, several thousands of years ago when first civilizations came in contact. People from the Indus Valley were called Indians and progressively the whole country became India. But the Indus valley is only a small part of actual India. India's  traditional name is "Bharat" which means "being maintained" in Sanskrit. Bharat was one of the names of Agni, the Hindu god of fire, and is also the name of the brother of Rama in the Hindu epic the 'Ramayana'. Bharat comes it self from the Mahabharata, better know as the Book of Life, where Maha means large or big.  


Healing Synchronicity - Seat 27K

June 2014 upon purchasing an intercontinental flight for my young daughter to travel and visit her uncle and cousins in Europe, I realised it would be her first long-haul flight by herself. Though Naaila was a seasoned traveller all over the world, she always flew with me by her side. She would know all the routines for fellow passengers and for aircraft preparations having studied all on-board documents fully on each flight. I guess she probably is the only passenger doing so as i hardly saw anyone even taking a glimpse to those technical flyers presented on the back of the seat in front of yours.


Healing Synchronicity

Synchronicity: a term most often used by people with a keen interest in non-physical reality. There is a common understanding amongst them, there that events that have some special characteristics are meaningful and belong to quantum connection. These characteristics include but are not limited to: cluster numbers